Customer is King

Customer is King ….This means while planning the product or service, designing the same, and in producing,

Distributing and selling we should possess one central focus at the core of all decision making, “THE CUSTOMER”.

  • (Remember: in Oxigen’s instance, the customer may not necessarily be the end-user or consumer).
  • The Big Picture – Relationships Build Brands and it’s that Relationship bond that we create that binds the Customers with the Company:
  • Products or brands by themselves do not automatically usher in customer loyalty or strengthen customer relations.
  • In today’s world, customers are looking for products that suit their purpose best – in terms of price, features, quality and appearance. Products or services of any brand do not sell for themselves or don’t give guarantee of selling automatically.
  • Because the production era is over, marketing era is over, the sales era is over and now it is the time for societal marketing era, therefore the customer’s are searching for products and services that best suit their needs and also give them a better value.
    (i.e. it gives maximum benefits by spending less on value).

  • They expect to be treated as “kings” and to receive all the sales and service support, along with definite solutions to problems from retailers, dealers or channel partners or be it for any of our services , they demands are of the highest standards and superior quality.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you present a single face to your customers, or do you make him carry his complaint from one dept to another , like from customer care to IT or to Prvisioning or to get his TA updated he has to knock on several doors?
  • Do you work in different ways for different classes of customers and different types of people, like when you hear someone talking in “not so good english”, do you treat him in an ugly fashion, if someone speaks in a vernacular accent , do you reach out to him or are you impolite?
  • Do you know what your customers will ask for before they do, then you are GOD… you need to change this attitude… remember he is KING?
  • Do you make your customers’ experience a seamless one, are your inter departmental processes clearly defined or just restricted to yourself and your department, and then you dump the customer on to another department ?
  • Do you let customers do more for themselves, because if you don’t have the above sorted out , you really will be making them do the running about ?
  • Do you measure the things that customers really care about, if not, NOW IS THE TIME ?

Points of View

  • only to create value for them,
  • to provide them with results and
  • help them grow economically.

There are many more the options available in the market place and so our customers have a lower brand loyalist attitude. And because of all of these options, the focus of every company competing in our type of market place has gradually shifted from customer satisfaction to customer delight. i.e. they are now busy in finding new and innovative ways to satisfy the customers so that they will stick to the company.

Economic; Information; Emotion We need to give our customers a value-added experience, NOTE: we are not just “selling them stuff” …..

Finally we need to understand that, the Customer always looks for those brands which create most value for them. Therefore, in this fast changing market, the focus of each one of you, should be on the ultimate value that is being provided to the customers, so that he does feel like a KING !!

This was a serious note…..and i hope you take note of it SERIOUSLY.