Oxigen Facilitates Credit to Retailers

Oxigen Services today pioneers in Fintech space. With its recent launch of Super PoS Micro ATM, Oxigen has reached out to provide digital payment solution to the masses. With plenty of service offerings in one device, Oxigen leads the race in generating more and more use cases in the industry.
Oxigen currently has a vast retail network of 2,00,000 outlets and serves 150 million customers in real time.

Oxigen recently entered in the business of credit lending and acts as the facilitating platform for disbursal and repayment of loans and interests. Currently, Oxigen is working with Capital Float, Fundaura and Epaylater, who act as the lending platforms to the retailers through Oxigen.The overall objective of lending is to maximize business potential of retailers by providing them credit facility at affordable rates. We have seen that many Retail Outlets/RMUs do not have sufficient funds to pre-fund their Trading Accounts (TA) and hence Oxigen aims at providing them loans at optimal rates to enhance their business. This further develops a strong loyal retail network as providing such credit facilities would enhance retailer’s faith and trust.To enhance the business circulation of retail channel partners, Oxigen facilitates credit lending of upto Rs. 5 Lakhs depending on the credit rating of the retailer. The amount is decided by the lending organisation.But the best part doesn’t stop here…Oxigen has also come up with an interesting proposition for new retailers. If one becomes a new retailer for Oxigen Micro ATM, Oxigen provides a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- as the initial working capital along with the device without paying any upfront fees.

Oxigen relies largely on the past transaction history of RO/RMU which is available as a part of the expansive data base Oxigen has developed over the years. While Oxigen has developed its own algorithm to identify ROs/RMUs eligible for the credit lending, individual lenders have their own algorithm and credit policies, but they rely heavily on the transaction history provided by Oxigen for the ROs/RMUs.

For more information please send an email to superSA@myoxigen.com