Talk about the Unnecessary Thoughts

Let’s talk about the Unnecessary Thoughts that keep popping up in our minds from time to time….

Unnecessary thoughts are thoughts that are produced at untimely moments that fill us with worry and anxiety when they appear in our minds. They have no constructive use.

Unnecessary and useless thoughts are quick and repetitive which lead you nowhere. Often they refer to things from the past: “If this hadn’t happened? Why did she have to say that to me?”

Too many thoughts are about things that we cannot change, or worries about the future: “What will happen tomorrow? How will it happen? What will I do if I find myself on my own?” If I had been there at the time, this disaster would not have happened.” “If I had had this information at the time, I would have won the case.” “When I get the promotion, I will be more respected by my superiors.” “How is it that I am doing all the work, and my senior is getting all the rewards.”

blogYour ability to concentrate is weakened by these useless thoughts.

If you have a lot of these thoughts, you use more energy and time to undertake each task. The origins of negativity also reside in them and overtake your mind with doubt.
From the time that the past has already passed and the future is yet to come, these kinds of thoughts are not useful and they also weaken your inner strength and exhaust you.
It is vital that we learn to avoid this pattern of thinking.
THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT and you will find yourself being more focused and your decision making capacity will improve.