Want your customers to stick to you like glue?

The New Rules of Building Customer Loyalty
If you give a discount to your most loyal customers, you might be doing something wrong. At least you’re not doing all you can to reward your best customers, and keep them coming back. Experts say there are some rules to follow to make your customers feel like kings from the very first moment they encounter your product or service.

Do it right, and you’ll not only score a lifelong customer, but also an advocate for your brand—and that’s a lot more valuable. In order to bring you up to speed, i have compiled 5 of the most innovative and ingenious tips from articles over the past year. These are the new rules of building customer loyalty.

    • Create Enlightening Experiences:
      Whether it’s selling bikes or filling forms for enrollment of RO’s, a successful business is about more than just selling stuff. Instead, we should be selling experiences. Lets take for example Chris Zane…