Who is Oxigen’s Customer ??

Today’s day made me sit down and wonder. How many of us know…… Who is Oxigen’s Customer ??

Technically speaking: The “consumer” is one who consumes the goods and services produced by a company. There would be a variety and many types of consumers, be it for companies that manufacture products or companies like ours that offer products and services. As such, consumers play a vital role in the economic system of a nation because in the absence of the effective demand that they create, the economy would virtually collapse.

A consumer is not an aggregated commodity item with little individuality, as most people think….. Typically when business people and economists talk of consumers they are talking about a person as consumer. And they are people, who have often expressed their voice to us …they are very important because they either make” the Buy or Not-to-buy decision” or “the Use or Not to Use decision”. It’s alarming to think what we would do without them….. who would, then, use our services…. ???? Many of us, in our daily routine , FORGET ,that we are here today because of these customers…… Did you even realize that they pay us our Salaries? Did we ever think that the RAISES that we get each year are dependent on them. Mahatma Gandhi said a customer is the most important visitor in our premises. He is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him. He is not an interruption to our work, he is the purpose of it. So my fellow colleagues, give this good thought before you engage in a discussion or communicate with any of our customers ….
So who are they…
They are :

  • Our RO’s and their customers who use our services-These are typically very small shop owners, who may not be very well read, may have difficulty in communicating their problems to us because of language barriers etc, and are trying their best to make a good living.
  • Our RMU’s and their customers who use our services, who are a slightly better off than of our RO’s.
  • Our CSP’s and their customers who use our services.
  • Our Oxigen Wallet Users.
  • Our E-tag Travel companies.
  • Our Corporate Clients Like Modern Retail, Banking Partners, and their customers who use our services
  • Our Digital Campaign companies, with their own consumer base.
  • Our Internal Staff colleagues and all persons under the Oxigen umbrella
  • Our Vendors.
  • Oxigen reaches out directly and indirectly to so many people. How do we treat them…. if we are good to them, they are happy and we build a measure of loyalty, knowing that they will use our services again and again. This is a very delicate relationship, which if nurtured well will PAY us higher dividends. Our motto is to LIVE LIFE NON STOP….which really makes me wonder…Are we living life non stop or are we holding back something from people who give us the opportunity to “Live “this life….?? I would be during the course of the coming months be writing to you all on and off about so many things that we can do, and, how& where we and our attitude to these VALUABLE customers, would help US GROW- not only as individuals …. but as Caring Employees of a company that would love to be NO.1 in Customer satisfaction….blog